Monday, October 17, 2011

Post-show news

Wow we had a great show at East Burwood this past weekend. The weather was a bit on and off but all in all not too bad - and really quite perfect for staying indoors at the show shopping and trying out new stuff! (I even got to do a make-n-take which I am very pleased with - thanks Leesa!)
It was great to see lots of our regular customers enjoying themselves plus lots of new people who made the trip from far-flung places like Bendigo, Shepparton, Romsey, Cook Point, Geelong and Gippsland just to name a few. We know you all enjoyed the show too because you told us! grin.
And...didn't the trading hall look lovely with all those twinkly Christmas lights on the stalls.
We had lots of lucky door prize winners which was great and thanks to all the stallholders who donated stuff especially Deb Ross from Debling in Design who always gives us mega-boxes full of stuff!
We had 3 winners of the grand prizes donated by Fern Gully Stamps and I will tell you who they are tomorrow (I gave the winners list to Kerry from FGS and she will be calling the winners).
I do recall that one of the winners is Juliana Bouma who lives out in Lilydale. Congratulations Juliana! What a great prize you've won. Big thanks to Fern Gully Stamps for providing 3 such fantastic prizes!
Our next show is in May at East Burwood (although watch this space because I'm looking at some venues in country areas and it may be close to you!).

Oh and I gotta mention the "For That Cause" table in the foyer at the show. The aim of these gals was to reach 500 cards to donate to Charities for them to sell.
As of about 30 minutes ago they had been given 380 cards which is so awesome! Thanks to everyone who brought their cards for this cause.