Saturday, April 27, 2013

More for you

I realise that the show is only a couple of weeks after Paperific - Naomi and I usually try to work our dates out so we don't have the shows too close, however those choices were taken out of our control by the other papercraft show that was in early March. 
I know that money is tight for a lot of people right now and you may have to choose which shows you are attending through out the year. I hope you'll be able to attend both our shows, but if you cannot then perhaps the following will help:

Paperific - pay for parking
From Picture to Page - free parking

Paperific - 26 traders (according to their website)
From Picture to Page - 32 traders (19 of which you will not see at Paperific)

Paperific - $12.00 entry fee
From Picture to Page - $10.00 entry fee

Paperific - kids under 12 free entry
From Picture to Page - kids under 16 free entry

I'm looking forward to the show, we have some new traders and some new products to offer. We are installing lighting in the front area and that will make it a lot easier for us oldies! grin.
Hope to see you there.