Saturday, October 12, 2013

Sandown show now on.

Day one of From Picture to Page at Sandown is over. 
Brilliant show! Lots of our regular customers who are very supportive and also lots of new customers - thank you also for coming along.

As with any new venue there are always teething problems.
Comments about the "lack" of signs were about equal to comments praising the amount of signage. Our balloons worked for a while until we discovered that the very strong wind was playing havoc with many of them. We put more out and we'll put more out tomorrow.

Apologies to those coming from the railway station - we didn't know that the gate was locked and fixed that problem as soon as we found out about it.

All in all a great show and from the feedback, the majority of people loved the new venue - lots of room, wider aisles, lots of comfy couches to sit on and apparently very good coffee (don't drink it myself so cannot comment).

If you are coming tomorrow:

Along Princes Hwy from the city, take a left just after Bunnings - this will take you across the flyover and into Racecourse Drive/Road.

Along Princes Hwy from Dandenong turn left into Racecourse Drive/Road (it's just before the bridge).

Then go along Racecourse Drive/Road and turn to the left when you get near the buildings to your left. 
We'll have balloons along the way.
You'll be able to see the Vintage Room which has a big sign up "Vintage Receptions".
You can park adjacent to the venue or underneath.You'll be able to see the ramp leading up to the entry or alternatively there's a lift.

Our hours tomorrow are 10am to 3pm. I hear it may rain tomorrow so a great day to come and spend some time indoors watching some very good demos and eating some very fine apricot slice.
Hope to see you then.