Friday, October 4, 2013

Today's trader

There's still a few more traders to go on our list and next up is Skat Katz.
Lucy and Fred have been coming to our show for  a number of years with the cutting/embossing machines that they sell.

Fred will show you what his machines can do and they have all the accessories that you need including spare parts. 

If you're interested in overseas holidays and would like to combine it with papercrafts, then talk to Lucy about their scrapbooking tours. They go to lots of exotic places such as Vietnam, Paris and Tuscany.

They have a bricks-n-mortar store located in Werribee and attend lots of shows.
You can also catch Skat Katz at the Cakeriffic Expo in July next year where they will be demonstrating various techniques and products including printing with edible ink on icing sheets.